Aaron Van Bokhoven

Hi—I’m Aaron Van Bokhoven, a Software Developer living in Honolulu, Hawaii.

I like to develop software and design practical systems for the web. I primarily work with Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Go, and JavaScript.

I currently work at Real Geeks (Fidelity National Financial) as a Full Stack Software Developer. Previously I worked at Hawaii Camera and Buoy Alarm, both in an engineering role.

I’m a big fan of pair programming — I believe it’s an effective way to increase code quality and share knowledge by presenting opportunities to teach and learn.

In my free time I love learning about how things work; from programming languages to science, I often go down a rabbit hole of discovery. When I’m not indoors, I’m most likely sport climbing at the local crag or taking photos on the streets.


You can view all of my projects on my GitHub profile.

rh - Request Hole is a command line tool and web UI for creating an ephemeral endpoint to inspect requests and webhooks.

logrequest - Go http request middleware that logs started and completed info, inspired by Ruby on Rails logging.

logparams - Log parameters from an HTTP request in Go.

react-native-redux-example - A simple React Native Redux example

react_on_rails (contributor) - Integration of React + Webpack + Rails using rails/webpacker…

redux-thunk-chain-api-requests - Chaining API requests with redux-thunk.

hanging-campus-board - Hanging 9-rung sit-start campus board.



The best way to reach me is by email at bokhoven@gmail.com or on Twitter @aaronvb.