About me

I am a Software Developer with over a decade of web development experience, working with Ruby/Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and Go. I currently work remotely, from Hawaii, at Real Geeks/Fidelity National Finance as a Full Stack Software Developer — previously I worked at Hawaii Camera and Buoy Alarm, both in an engineering role.

I love learning new things about programming and programming languages, and also sharing my knowledge. I’m an advocate of pair programming, which I believe offers a way to learn and teach simultaneously while producing quality code. I owe my career to open source and I try my best to contribute back. Check out my Github to see what I’m currently up to.

In my free time, I’m most likely climbing outdoors with my wife and friends, or out taking photos on the streets and developing film at home.

me_1 Street Photography Workshop, May 2017

me_2 PK’s on Maui, March 2020